I offer consultation on all manner of digital learning and communications. I can provide advice and guidance on your digital learning strategy and how best to identify and achieve development objectives linked to those of your business. My wealth of experience working for both public and private sector clients gives me a great insight into how digital learning and communications can work for you. I can also work with your organisation to design an effective blended training and communications programme that helps embed real cultural change and tackle key development issues.



I’ve loved writing for as long as I’ve been able to do so. I’ve written online learning courses for clients like adidas, Fiat and bp around a wide variety of subjects including food automation and robotics, compliance and effective written communications. I pride myself on being able to make often dense and turgid subject matter more accessible and digestible. In addition, I’ve written training manuals for development software, satirical short pieces for a British humour magazine and technical essays for both online and print journals. I’ve also spent a lot of time writing bid documents and design and functional specifications to explain in simple terms how things will work to numerous project stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.



I have a huge amount of experience developing digital learning and communications pieces using a wide variety of tools, including Captivate, Articulate Studio and Storyline, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Edge Animate and Construct 2. I offer an end-to-end solution: writing, designing, developing and deploying products. I can also work with external partners to create bespoke materials that are outside of my skillset, and I have a number of trusted colleagues with whom I have worked for many years.


pencilI am adept at using Photoshop and Illustrator to create and manipulate attractive, engaging and effective graphics. I can design materials for online, print and video use, and have a comprehensive understanding of different formats and where each is appropriate to use. I have created animated cartoons for compliance training, video and static infographics around subjects such as The Apprenticeship Levy and paper use, characters and screen elements for games and online learning layouts for a range of products.


videoI create animated video, including cartoon characters, kinetic typography and moving objects, as well as live-action video. It’s amazing how professional the results can be from a good, modern camera with a decent lens attached and a tripod! I’ve created cartoons and animated infographics as well as talking head videos with interviewees talking about a wide range of subjects. I film, record audio, grade and edit myself, but I have a number of trusted partners with whom I can work on bigger or more complex jobs.


headphonesAudio is a huge part of digital learning and communications. I’ve been working with audio for years, from my youthful musical experimentations to recording sports commentators for video simulations to editing sound effects! I spent a long time making musical cues and sound effects for mobile and video games, and use the skills and the knowledge I gained to create and edit engaging soundscapes for digital learning and communications. I also work with a few fantastic voiceover artistes whose dulcet tones can lend credibility and authority to any piece of learning or communications.